Wednesday 6/14/23

June 13, 2023
Wednesday 6/14/23

The Mobility

Standing Glute Stretch

Lax Boxed Hamstring Smash

The Warm-Up

8:00 working through the following movements

McKenzie Press-Up

Scorpions (Prone and Supine)


Banded DL Activates

Deadlift Build

The Strength

On a 3:00 Loop


Active Rest- Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDLHP) /Build Bike/Row/ Low Back Mobility

The Met-con

15:00 Double-Up Ladder

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDLHP)

Kettlebell Swing


Walking Lunge

5-10-15-20-25-30 Meters

*So you will do 2 SDLHP, then 2 KBS, then 5 meters of walking lunges (that is 1 ROUND) then do 4s of each exercise and 10m walking lunges, etc. Once you get to round 6 (the round of the 12s and the 30m walking lunge) go back to the round of 2s and 5m walking lunge and go back up the ladder. If you finish the ladder through the second time, record your time. If you do not finish before 15:00 record your rounds and repetitions.

* Per will only go up to 20m for walking lunges (so for the rounds of 10s and 12s, per will stay at 20m), Fit will only go up to 15m for walking lunges (so for rounds of 8s, 10s, and 12s, fit will stay at 15m)

The Finisher

Swiss ball leg curl

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