Wednesday 7/5/23

July 5, 2023
Wednesday 7/5/23

Olympic Lifting

Our typical 'first Friday of the month' Olympic Lifting class has been moved to the second Friday of the month for July. We will meet on July 14th at 6:50pm and will focus on the Snatch. Sign-in on Push Press

The Mobility

3 Point Hip Opener

Couch Stretch

The Warm-Up

During Board




Figure 4’s



2 Rounds of:

Mono Sprint

Banded Glute Bridge

Monster Walk

Air Squats


Build Weight on Barbell

The Strength

Hatch Week 3

Back Squat (BS)

Front Squat Front Squat

The Met-con

For time with a 15:00 Time Cap


Bar Hops

Down ladder of:

Thruster/ Back Squat (from the floor)


Your Run and Bar Hop reps will stay the same each round. Your Thruster and Back Squats will begin with 8 reps of each (perform all thrusters, then perform 8 back squats). Each round you do, your thruster and back squat reps will decrease by 1.

The Finisher

Crossover Step-Ups

Low Ab Leg Raises

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