Monday 2/27/23

February 26, 2023
Monday 2/27/23

The Mobility

The Warm-Up

For 8:00 work through the following movements

The Strength

On a 3:00 loop

Front Squat (from rig)

:30 Row after each set

Active Rest = Alternate between

Plate Hops

Walking lunge build

BOS build

The Met-Con

As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible in 18:00 with a Partner

Athlete 1 -

Calorie Row

Reverse Plate Lunges (holding plate at side or on back - if at side switch sides 1/2 way to keep yourself even)

Plate Hops

Athlete 2 -

Ball Over Shoulder

Ab Mat Sit-Up (AMSU)

Athlete 1 determines switch and picks up where A2 leaves off.

The Finisher

Landmine Curtsy

Landmine V-Sits

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