Wednesday 8/12/20

September 27, 2022
Wednesday 8/12/20


  1. If you are a new member or interested in a Free Trial Class, please contact us by email (with received confirmation) before your first class.
  2. Review all COVID-19 Policies and Procedures HERE. You can also WATCH THIS VIDEO .
  3. If you have recently traveled out of State, or came to Vermont from a different State. You must abide by self-quarantine guidelines FOUND HERE.
  4. If you have traveled, YOU MUST WAIT ONE WEEK before getting tested.


LIVE Zoom Classes

Streaming LIVE at 12:00 and 4:30pm Monday-Friday until Friday 8/14Meeting ID: 504-063-0477 Link HERE__________________________

The Board

*CLARIFICATION.... There are 4 - 400m Runs. NOT 4,400 meters. Oops!

The Warm-Up

The Strength

Don't forget your Active Rest. You'll want to be warmed up for those high pulls and push-ups!


This is a fun one! Choose your own adventure style, giving you the option to divide and break up your reps however you want. Come up with your own game plan and adjust along the way if you want to.One thing to note.... your runs must be broke up into 400 (or 300m) increments. Out and back style... not 1600m consecutively. This means Rxers will see that little hill 4 times. You CAN however, run out and back multiple times in a row if you wish....

The Finisher

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