Wednesday 8/2/23

August 1, 2023
Wednesday 8/2/23

The Mobility

Low Back Mobility

Wall Slides

The Warm-up

For 4:00 you will work through the movements before going into the coach-led portion

Good Mornings (PVC)

Window to Wall (snatch grip, arms extended overhead, big stretch from one side of room to the other)

Down Ups

The Strength

Snatch Complex

Part I is your primer.... use it as a warm-up and nail the technique. Save the heavy stuff for Part II

On a 1:30 Loop x 8

1 Snatch Deadlift (simply moving the bar from the ground to standing position with proper snatch grip and form)

2 High Hang Snatch*

1 Hang Snatch

Then... every 1:00 x 10

1 Snatch Pull (reinforces full extension of the hips before we pull under the bar)

Snatch (new CrossFitters can also work just from the hang position instead of the ground)

The Met-con


For Time with a 15:00 time cap


Dumbbell Power Snatch

One set all on right, then another all on the left


*for example, you will do 21 power snatches on right, then 21 power snatches on left, then 21 cleans. Then 15 power snatches on right, 15 power snatches on left, then 15 cleans, then the set of 9

The DB weight chosen should be one in which you could go unbroken on. The clean weight chosen should be one in which you can do at least 5 unbroken reps with.

The Finisher

Shrugs (w/ DB)

Oblique Crunch

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