Wednesday 9/21/22

September 20, 2022
Wednesday 9/21/22


Low Back Mobility

4 Point Banded Hamstring Stretch


We will go through a coach led piece to go over the points of performance for the SDLHP. In addition to performing STOH. The Strength is an extended warmup and will prime the body to be prepared for the met-con. We will first do the EMOM then use the remaining 5-6 minutes to build deadlift weight and work on the gymnastic movements.


5 Rounds of:

Every Minute on the Minute of:

Minute 1: Empty Barbell  SDLHP

MInute 2: Strokes Max Meters Strapless

Minute 3: HSPU Hold with Slow Eccentric (movement downward). You will hold, lower yourself, then kick up to a handstand push-up.

-scale Includes Handstand Holds and overhead dumbbell holds/presses

5-6 min Met-Con Build:

Deadlift building to WOD weight

Toe Raises/KAH to T2B


8 Rounds for Time with a 16:00 Time-cap


Single Arm Dumbbell Hang SDLHP



* The big focus is making sure you are getting a good hip POP in the SDLHP carry what you learned in the strength into the met-con


Good Mornings

Tire Sledge-Hammer Hits

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