Week 7 Pause Squats: 7/1/19

September 27, 2022
Week 7 Pause Squats: 7/1/19

Wednesday July 3rd

NO 6:30PM Class, NO Foundations, NO CrossFit Kids 4-8yrs

Thursday July 4th


Monday: NEW Pause Set

Week 7 brings us to a :03 Pause at the bottom and a :10 Pause at the top... The same Pause we have been doing for our Back Squat Program!As always, you will have 4 attempts to find your New Pause 1RM and then we will cycle through 3x3 at 80%.No Back Squats this week.

5 Tips to Better Your Wall Balls:

1. Catching and Positioning the Ball

You want to keep the ball as close to your body as possible during the entire movement.As with any weight, the further away from your body it is, the heavier it will seem.

2. Squat to Full Depth

During Wall Balls, your hip crease must break the plane of the knee joint in the squat. Itis vital that yougenerate enough energy to propel the ball upwards with force and accuracy. Performing the squat properly is essential to making this happen.

3. Give Your Arms a Rest

Reducing fatigue in the muscles surrounding the shoulder join is only a good thing during Wall Balls. After propelling the ball upwards, allow your arms to drop back down, that slight moment of rest will make a difference over time andhelp to reduce the fatigue of your deltoids.

4. Take the Weight of the Ball

The mechanics and movement of wall balls should flow in a good rhythm. When you catch the ball on its descent, absorb its weight into your squat. Keep your hands high when you catch the ball.Its momentum will drive you downwards and your job is to turn this ballistic movement into a strong bounce at the bottom that will power the Ball upwards again.

5. Stand the Right Distance from the Wall

No matter how effectively you manage to rest your arms during each movement, or perfect your squat depth to maximize power, if you stand too far away then you will give yourself a huge amount of extra work. To measure the correct distance, place the ball in two hands (in goblet position) with your arms fully outstretched. When the ball touches the wall then you have your position.www.boxrox.com

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