Why and How to Sumo Deadlift: 2/21/20

September 27, 2022
Why and How to Sumo Deadlift: 2/21/20

Reminder: Schedule Changes

2/20 Thursday: No 6:30pm2/21 Friday: No 8:00am2/22 Saturday: No Kids Classes - Run Group (Independent)2/23 Sunday: No Open Gym2/24 Monday: No 8:00am - No 6:30pm2/25 Tuesday: No 6:30pm - Run Group (Independent)

Tips of the Sumo Deadlift


Bodyweight At Home Work-Out

Done as a Super Set - - 10 Single Leg Deadlifts each leg, then 20 glute bridges - repeat for 4 setsSingle Leg Deadlift 4 X 20

Glute Bridges 4 X 20


12 minute AMRAP:6 Reverse Lunges6 Forward Lunges12 Starfish24 Mountain Climbers

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