3 Tips For A Better Overhead Squat: 8/5/19

September 27, 2022
3 Tips For A Better Overhead Squat: 8/5/19

Press into the barWhen performing the Overhead Squat, you should be thinking about constantly lifting/pushing the weight, and never just holding it. You do not want your muscles to be relaxed and depressed during the movementthey should be flexed to form a solid base of support for the weight overhead. Try pressing into the bar and see if you feel any improvements.Stabilize in the HoleWhen you descend into the lowest part of the squat, its important not to rush out of it too soon as you risk losing your form. Instead take a moment to stabilize yourself and the bar. Make sure that youre flatfooted, weight in your heels and your elbows and shoulders are turned out (armpits facing forwards). When everything is set and you feel comfortable, go ahead and drive out of the squat.Send Your Butt Back, Then DownWe often compensate poor thoracic and ankle mobility by trying to send our butt straight down to the floor, looking more like a ballerina in a plie instead a CrossFitter with weight overhead. Try sending your butt back (as though you're trying to find a chair) and then descend down into the squat.www.boxlifemagazine.comhttps://youtu.be/RD_vUnqwqqI

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