A Pinky Cue: 10/16/19

September 27, 2022
A Pinky Cue: 10/16/19

A common fault we see in the Clean and Snatch is when the lats are not engaged prior to attempting the lift. The lats are a very important stabilizer often overlooked when we are executing our pre-lift check list. Something that may help...Shoulders and Lats engagedWe talk a lot about the shoulders being in the back and down position. What we mean by that is once the shoulders are back, we now want to think about digging the pinky fingers into the bar; this will result in helping the lats engage. Without doing this, the lifter will have a hard time pulling the bar back into position and will often miss out front. So, think about 2 things when approaching the bar 1. Ppin your shoulders back 2. Pinkys into the bar. Doing these two things will help the bar stay close to the body as the lifter begins to drive through the floor.Give it a try!Courtesy of CrossFit Invictus Hank Lopez

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