Fitness Friday 2/4/22

September 27, 2022
Fitness Friday 2/4/22

5:30am Class is CANCELED

Our drive may not be plowed out in time. We will be canceling the 5:30am class only. At this point all other classes are running according to schedule. Class cancelations will always be posted on MindBody, The Blog, and our Private FaceBook Page. Please check back for updates.

Open Gym

Open Gym hours this coming Sunday, 2/6, from 9:00-11:00. Our focus will be (but not limited to) Chest to Bar Pull-Ups. Keith White will be dishing out tips and Steve Burkert of SnowBeast Performance will be guiding you through targeted mobility. Sign-in as usual on MindBody.

The Board

The Mobility

Wall Slides

The Warm-Up

Station #1

12:00 Up LadderWorking your way up in reps for the duration of 12:00

Station #2

This station is just as much of a mental push as it is physical. That was intentional. STAY MOVING!

The Finisher

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