Fitness Friday 5/19/23

May 18, 2023
Fitness Friday 5/19/23

The Mobility

Banded Hip Opener

The Warm-Up

Monster Walk

Banded Side Steps

Back Squat (BS) build

The Strength

Back Squat (BS)

* 0:02 decent, BUT focus on exploding out of the hole with power and speed

* Keep the weight manageable and speed out of the hole for every rep.

Active rest = Easy Push-Ups, Scorpions, Plate Ground to Overhead build

The Met-con

As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible in 18:00



Ab Mat Sit-Up (AMSU)

Air Squats


Plate Ground to Overhead

The Finisher

Ring Dips & Scaling


Bench Dips

Dumbbell Row

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