Fitness Friday 8/27/21

September 27, 2022
Fitness Friday 8/27/21

Saturday Class

On Saturday 8/28 we are hosting a CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Course. Because of this:

The Board

The Mobility

OH Foam RollLying T-Spine

The Warm-Up

Good Mornings (PVC)Snatch Balance

The Strength

Snatch Deadlift- picking the bar up, in your snatch start position. Wide grip, hook grip, butt down, lats engaged.Hang Power Snatch with Pause. When you descend to the hang, you will Pause at the top of the knee for 0:02 seconds. In this pause, you will make sure your shins are back, lats are engaged and you are ready to fire. Keep the bar close and push your feet into the floor HARD. Weight remains in your heels as long as possible before jumping and shrugging underneath the barbellSnatch with Pause. This time, our Pause will come as the bar is traveling UP. When you get to the hang (above the knees), Pause for 0:02, then hit all boxes stated above.Overhead Squat - This is part of the second strength. After you last Snatch, keep the bar in the air and go into your OHS.


5 Rounds for Time:Power Snatch - bar starts on the ground, catch is above parallelBox Jumps - this is a big number. Pay attention and make every rep count!Ab Mat Sit-Up (AMSU)

The Finisher

Palloff Press

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