Free Trial Thursday 2/10/22

January 31, 2023
Free Trial Thursday 2/10/22

Free Trial Thursday

FTT is back on! Have a friend that wants to try CrossFit out. Have them shoot us an email to reserve their spot. FTT is offered at 12:00, 4:30 and 5:40pm.

No CrossFit Kids

Sammie and Tarken will be out of town this weekend, so we will not be able to hold CF Kids class on Saturday 2/12.

The Board

The Mobility

Lying Pec Minor

The Strength

*lower reps stated are for 'fitness' track. Higher reps stated are for 'Rx'. 'Performance' track pick somewhere in the middleEvery 3:00

The Met-Con

As Many Rounds as Possible in 18:00 with a partner.We will help pair you up in a team that will make sense for your abilities. You have the option to have your own rower, or fly solo if you wish. Just let us know!This is a waterfall start, which means as soon as Athlete 1 is off the rower, athlete 2 will get on the rower and begin. We have had a few days of rowing in our met-con. Take a look at the video and think about what your form looked like while doing so....The row should separate you enough so that you do not run into your partner.

The Finisher

Oblique Crunch

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