Free Trial Thursday

December 7, 2022
Free Trial Thursday


Free Trial Thursday attendees will focus mainly on THE WORK-OUT description and videos to go with it below. We will guide you through the warm-up and go over the work-out details when the rest of the class is doing THE STRENGTH session of the class.

All work-outs will be scaled to meet individual need and abilities, no matter your current level of fitness..

All questions will be answered when you arrive!



For 8:00-9:00 work through the following movements

Jumping Jack 1/2 Jack

Down Dog Push Back

Burpee + Plate Hop + Ground to Overhead

Build Bench Press Weight


On a 2:30 Loop

Bench Press

Active Rest:

Row / Wall Balls / Bike / D-ball to shoulder


3 Person Team Max Calories on Bike and As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible in 25:00

Athlete 1: Calorie Row

Athlete 2: Bike for Calories

Athlete 3: Wall Balls / D-Ball to Shoulder / V-Ups (or Single Leg V-Ups)

*Athlete 1 will determine when the athletes switch. Once A1 completes the calorie row, A1 will move to the Bike calorie station, A2 will pick-up where A3 left off in the AMRAP station, and then A3 will move to calorie row. Continue this rotation for the remainder of the time.

*Two scores will be recorded, the calories accumulated on the bike and the rounds and repetitions completed



Ring Dips & Scaling

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