Friday 6/30/23

June 29, 2023
Friday 6/30/23

The Mobility

Glute Foam Roll

Barbell Quad Roll/Smash

The Warm-Up

9:00 working through the following movements

2 Rounds of:

Banded Side Steps

Monster Walk

Banded Glute Bridge


Squat Build with time remaining

The Strength

Box Front Squat

Box Back Squat

*Using your 1 RM for both the front and back squats for the box squats

*By sitting back, rather than down, you place the glutes and hamstrings in a highly desirable stretched position.

*The static/relaxed phase begins when the backs of your legs come in contact with the box and you’re sitting down completely on the box by rolling back onto it. Then explode out of the seated position.

*Find a box height that is at parallel or will allow you to comfortably sit on the box and perform good reps.

The Met-con

As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible in 15:00

Sumo Deadlift

15m Shuttles (down and back is one)

Wall Balls

Kettlebell Swing

Reverse Lunge


The Finisher

Monster Walk

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