Grip With Your Big Toe: 10/22/19

September 27, 2022
Grip With Your Big Toe: 10/22/19

We often talk about keeping our heels grounded in the squat, but sometimes fail to focus on what the rest of the foot is doing. One very helpful cue is gripping the ground with your big toe. Think about grabbing the floor with both big toes while also keeping even pressure in your heel and outside of your foot. This will create a good arch.When we create a good arch in our foot, we inevitably form what we call a tripod foot. The three points of the tripod consists of the heel, the base of the 1sttoe and the base of the 5thtoe. Our foot is basically like a three wheeled motorcycle. Our goal when squatting should be to maintain the arch of our feet and have our weight distributed evenly like the three wheels of a motorcycle. If all of the wheels are in contact with the ground we get more power. If one wheel is off the ground or if the body bottoms out, power is lost and the motorcycle breaks down. When our foot is out of position (arch collapse) stability and power is lost.Give it a try!

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