Monday 1/9/23

January 8, 2023
Monday 1/9/23



Lat Foam Roll


Be sure to build to the weight you would like to use in the met-con here. The weight you choose should be one in which you can go unbroken on under fatigue. Rowers will be near stations and keeping your bar under control is paramount.

Leg Swings Front to Back and Side to Side

PVC Front to Back


Good Mornings (PVC)

PVC Torso Rotation

Hang Power Clean (HPC)


Push Jerk


Boss' Birthday WOD

10 Rounds For Time with a Partner with a 30:00 Time Cap



Hang Power Clean (HPC)

Push Jerk

This work-out is a spin on one of Boss Lady's favorite WODs... The Hero WOD DT. Partner WODs are her jam, so we added a row and a few reps and the result was tons

of fun! Come celebrate with us! 

Reps stated are total. The row will be completed (A1 rows 200, A2 rows 200), then A1 will do 6 Deadlifts, A2 does 6 DL and so on...

If one athlete is stronger than the other, put them second.


:60 REST

2:00 PVC DL

3:00 PVC Clean and Jerk


Peak x 4-6 rounds

0:30 Sprint on Echo and Assault Bike 1:30 recovery

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