Monday 12/21/20

September 27, 2022
Monday 12/21/20

Holiday Schedule

Wednesday 12/23 - No Kids ClassesThursday 12/24 - Last Class at NoonFriday 12/25 thru Sunday 12/27 Closed for Holiday Break

Monday Station Training

9 minutes in each station - 4 minutes to clean/transition to the next

The Warm-Up

Each station will have the same general warm-up, and depending on where you start, you will do a few extra station specific movements.Glute Bridges DEMO HEREPrize Squats DEMO HERERunners Stretch DEMO HERE

Station #1

5 sets, 10 reps, every 2 minutesThis will get you finishing at the 8:00 mark so you will have time to clean your weights and move to the next station.

Station #2

As many meters as possible. This WOD will begin with a row, move to lunges x 2 and then with any time left on the clock, row as many meters as you can for your score.Focus on your row technique. See some great tips below.

Station #3

As many rounds as possible of:Box Jumps DEMO HEREMedicine Ball Squat Toss DEMO HERESingle Leg Tuck-Ups DEMO HERE

The Finisher

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