Monday 3/27/23

March 26, 2023
Monday 3/27/23

The Mobility

The Warm-Up

We are using this bench warmup from Squat University, you can watch this youtube video to see the movements and understand why we are doing hem before we do heavy bench press.

For 9:00 work through the following movements

The Strength

We are continuing to zero in on heavy singles. We will use these loads for future percentage work. Make note of what you are able to achieve. REMEMBER work within your current means - not jumping in weight to what your 1RM was a year ago coming off of a bench program.

*****On a 2:30 loop for the sets of 5 and 3, 3:00 loop on the singles

Bench Press

Active Rest 0:30 Row and/or Step-Up to Box Jump Over Build

The Met-Con

As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible in 15:00

:30 Work/ :30 Rest

Incline Chest Press (DB from bench)

Calorie Row

Box Jump Over

*you will do :30 in one movement, then rest :30, then move to the next movements

*score will be total reps combined in all stations

The Finisher

Landmine Wood Chop

Low Body Russian Twist

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