Monday 4/24/23

April 23, 2023
Monday 4/24/23

Ready to Run Seminar

If you are plagued with running related pain, and find this movement extremely difficult, sign yourself up for our Ready to Run Seminar on Wednesday, 5/8 at 5:40pm. Free for all 802 members.

The Mobility

Lax Shin/Ankle Smash

Kettlebell Calf Smash

The Warm-up: 


Arm Circles Forward and Backwards


Easy Push-ups

Scapular Pull-Ups

The Strength

(5 Rounds on a 2:30 Loop)

Chest Press (DB from bench)

Directly into:

Strict Pull-Up

Active Recovery- Gravel Run, Leg Swings Front to Back, Air Squats, Push-Ups

The Met-Con

Murph Prep Mondays are Back ! We will be working primarily on Running, Push-Ups and Pull-Ups every Monday until our Memorial Day Hero WOD, Murph

30:00 AMRAP




Air Squats

@ Go and every 3:00, alternating between run and row

*Row/Run stimulus should not exceed 1:40 otherwise it will impact the AMRAP portion. Shoot for 1:30-1:40

The Finisher

Bent Over Reverse Fly

Plank to Elevated Plank

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