Monday 6/12/23

June 11, 2023
Monday 6/12/23

The Mobility

Banded Hip Opener

Prize Squats

The Warm-up: 

8:00 working through the following movements

Lateral Lunges


Banded Glute Bridge

Back Squat (BS) Build

The Strength

On a 2:30 Loop

1 Rep Max Testing! We will be heading into a strength cycle, so today, we are going to test our 1 RM which will be the number for your percentages in the coming weeks.

Back Squat


Front Squat

Active Recovery- Dumbbell Thruster or Bike or Run

The Met-Con

As Many SA DB Burpee Thrusters As Possible following a 1:00 Clock for 10:00


*As many Single Arm Dumbbell Thrusters in time remaining

The Finisher

Split Stance RDL

Plank Variations

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