Monday 6/6/22

September 23, 2022
Monday 6/6/22

Squat Program

Murph Prep Monday has come to a close and our next program will focus onSQUATS!

Monday, 6/6, we will be 'testing' our 1 rep max back and front squat. We will then use these numbers to base our future Squat Program off of.Once you have your 1RM back and front squat, you will plug it into the spread sheet below. PRINT it out and bring it with you to the gym for Monday 6/13. Having these numbers handy will be super helpful for the upcoming weeks!Download Program Squat Program HERE

The Board

The day we first closed our doors to Covid-19 in March 2020 was the day, we were supposed to be re-testing our 1RM after a 12 week squat program. That was the last time were were able to run a squat program and we are SO excited to launch this again!

The Mobility

The Strength

We will be working to a Heavy Single Back Squat and Front Squat.As you narrow down your 1RM give yourself at least 3:00 between sets.REMINDERS:

The Met-Con

Rrrrrrepeat!The week before our Squat Program began, we did this WOD, so might as well do the same this year too! It's been a minute since we've done high rep thrusters. Break them up into smaller, smart sets with short rest, and just keep plucking away!

12/23/19 Repeat

The Finisher

Landmine Curtsy

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