Murph Prep Monday 5/9/22

September 23, 2022
Murph Prep Monday 5/9/22

The Board

If you don't have a vest, DON'T WORRY!!!!!!This WOD (and Murph) will be just as much of a challenge without one. Do not feel like you have to go out and buy a vest. If you have one, wear it for the first part of the work-out only.

The Mobility

Lying Pec Minor

The Warm-Up

The Met-Con

For many, this work-out will be an AMRAP. It will be scored by number of rounds complete.Trying to decide if you should wear a vest? Ask a Coach!

How to break it Up?

Most often Murph is broken up into 2 different rep schemes. Choose the option that best suits you. Push-Ups are typically the movement that holds people up.Option #1

or Option #2 (if push-ups will hold you back)

Performance & Fitness, scale push-ups to knees as needed.

The Strength/Finisher

Try and get at least 2 rounds of this in if you have time! It will help open up your chest after all the push-ups and pull-ups!

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