Pulling Technique: 11/4/19

September 27, 2022
Pulling Technique: 11/4/19

20.5 Prep

There is a very good chance that some of you will be going for your first Ring Muscle Up, Bar Muscle Up or Pull-Up for 20.5!That being said, we want to work on things a little bit before Friday. Please take a look at the progression you will be working on for Monday. The 'strength' portion of class is a build up to the entire movement in the WOD.

Kipping Pull-Ups

Even if the thought of doing a pull-up is a little out of your league, you will be building strength through the dynamic movement of the shoulder joint through the kipping progression.

  1. Tap Swings

Remember that hollow body position and use your shoulders to stay controlled. Tight Butt, Tight Core, Tight Quads, Toes Pointed and Together. Stay in the Phone Booth.2. Tap Swing Pull -Same as the tap swing, but add a bigger pull down on the bar. THINK about slamming the hood of your car.3.Tap Swing Pull + Hip Pop OR Kipping Pull-Up learning to pop the hip to give you the momentum to get the chin over the bar. A great video to watch on this is HERE. If you have kipping pull-ups, at this point, we are looking for picture perfect (hollow/arch) reps. Not sloppy - fling yourself over the bar reps.

Bar Muscle Up

Kipping Belly -to-bar USE A BAND if you need to get those hips up all the way to the bar.Jumping Bar Muscle Ups - to get used to that pull down and pop upBanded Bar Muscle Ups - using a band to assist you through the position

Ring Muscle Up

Kneeling Transitions OR Bounce, Bounce, Go" Kip ElevatesHollow Body Position. How high can you get with arms straight?Hips-to-ringsPull Even Higher. Goal is to be horizontal to the ground. Hips to Rings.

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