Wednesday 2/1/23

February 2, 2023
Wednesday 2/1/23


Sunday, 2/5 9-11am with Casey Baczewski. Open Gym is a great time to work on skills you would like to get better at. Casey is incredibly knowledgable and we'd love to see you in there picking her brain!

The CrossFit Open

February 16 - March 3

Event details are rolling in and it's time to get excited!


Station Day

9:00 in each station with 4:00 to transition to the next. You will do one warm-up depending on what your start station is.

The Mobility

T-Spine Wall Extension

Banded Hip Opener

Station #1

5 sets - 5 reps (every 2:00). Use the time between sets to continue to warm for the following stations.

Front Squat

Station #2

As Many Rounds/Reps as Possible

Calories on a Bike

DBall to Shoulder

Station #3

9:00 Up Ladder. Move up the rep ladder as high as you can in 9:00

Double Dumbbell Step-Up and Over

Handstand Push-Ups/Pike HSPU (box or floor)or Z Press

Step-Ups go up by 2 each round, HSPU go up by 1 each round

For example: 2 step-ups, 1 HSPU - 4 Step-Ups, 2 HSPU

Score = total rounds complete.

The Finisher

Banded Side Steps

Glute Bridges (band)L

Low Ab Leg Raises

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