Wednesday 6/22/22

September 23, 2022
Wednesday 6/22/22

Please Vote For 802

Best Health Club/Gym and Best CrossFit Studio are two very big titles we'd like to own around here!���� Please take just seconds of your time and VOTE 802. Voting is live through 7/3 and we need your help!���� Tell your family, tell your friends!You only need to enter your email address to vote, and only need to vote for as many categories as you would like.Category: ServicesQuestion #33: Best Health Club/GymQuestion #37: Best CrossFit StudioVOTE HERE

The Board

The Mobility


Before the warm-up, your coach will go over the technique for the lifting piece.

The Warm-Up

For 9:00 or 3 rounds, you will complete the following movements.

The Strength

The last part of the strength you will complete 15:00 of snatch singles. The clock will be set on a 1:30 loop. Rx athletes will complete singles. Per/Fit will complete 2-3.

The Met-con

As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible in 10:00You will complete the following movements:

But... every 1:00 you will complete double unders!This has the potential to eat up too much of your clock.���� Make sure you scale wisely.You will pick up where you left off after the DU's.

The Finisher

Snatch pulls (Olympic Weightlifting)Shrugs

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