Wednesday 7/19/23

July 18, 2023
Wednesday 7/19/23

The Mobility

OH Foam Roll

Lat Foam Roll

The Warm-Up

1 Round w/ PVC of:

Elbows High & Outside

Tall Muscle Snatch (no dip under the bar)

The coach will lead you through all the movements that you will be doing in the strength and modifying as necessary.

Then Coach led:

Round 1 - Snatch DeadLift

Round 2 - Hang Snatch

Round 3 - Heaving Snatch Balance (feet do not move)

Round 4 - Snatch Pull

Round 5 - Snatch

The Strength

3 Rounds on 1:30 Loop then 5 Rounds on a 2 min Loop

Snatch Deadlift

Hang Snatch

Heaving Snatch Balance

Snatch Pull


*You will be able to drop the bar between the Heave SB and the Snatch Pull and the Snatch

*Focus on form and technique making sure you are getting good hip power and foot position. You are not going for a 1RM snatch! 

The Met-con

As Many Burpee over Bar As Possible

:30 work/:30 rest for 9 Rounds


*Burpee Over Bar with time remaining of :30 work period

The Finisher (second strength)

1:30 - 2:00 Loop of:


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