Wednesday 9/15/21

September 27, 2022
Wednesday 9/15/21

The Board

The Mobility

Snow Angel (Foam Roll)Thread the Needle

The Strength


We are using a heavier Dumbbell for the work-out today. Be sure to use the time provided to warm-up to the weight you would like to use. There is much more stability involved as you throw that dumbbell around. Own each rep you do!Every Minute on the Minute and at 3-2-1 Go, you will do Ab Mat Sit-UpsYou will then do As Many Rounds as Possible of the following with time remaining in that minute. Don't forget where you left off when the AMSU timer goes off, because that is where you will pick back up again.

You will do all dumbbell reps on the right side, then do all reps on the left side - then do double unders

The Finisher

CS Row & Lat Pull DownCS Ts & Pull Downs

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